Super Advisor
Re: NNMi console access without authentication

Hi Aaron,


Please find below the url which I wanted to access without any authentication:;expr=com.hp.nms.mibexpr.ifhcpercentutil;label=%25+Util&objtype=SeparateSnmpAgent&objidlist=566935929103&faststart=true&title=Interface+Utilization&ylabel=%25+Util&extension=nms-graph&provider=snmpmib[&j_username=xxxx&j_password=yyyy]


I have added the user credentials at the last.


But still I am not able to launch the url.


I opened the line graph of Interface utilization for a node as an administrator and copied that url and added user credentials at the last.


Do I have to change anything in this for the url to work??




Mohan Sekar