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Re: Email Notification for Traps.





Thanks for your reply on my post dear i do the below steps you share wiht me please check wiht me if i missed any point becasue i not geting any nodedown email.

I do the following steps and no email stil waiting your supports on my issue to create email notifications for NodeDown:
Step 1: Copy the above script into a notepad and modify with your own information and save it as a perl file in the below directory:

D:\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software\shared\nnm\actions\nodedown.ovpl

Step 2: Goto Configuration Workspace -> Incident configuration -> Management Events -> Open NodeDown event -> Select Actions Tab

Step 3: Click New under Life Cycle Transition workspace

Step 4: a. Select Lifecycle State as Registered
               b. Select command type as ScriptorExecutable if using perl
               c. In the command tab give 'nodedown.ovpl $name,$severity,$snn,$sln,$lot,$mga,$sourceObjectName'

Step 5: Save the configuration


Note: i select the Enabled option in the Actions Tab and the Enabled option under the Basics configuration once you open the event.
Please help me out of this issue i am very new for version 9 i and please start from step one we may need to install blat if yes then also share wiht me the steps also for that

i am attaching my nodedown.ovpl if any thing need to be change.