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HP NNM Critical Status

Hello ,


i am facing a problem with NNM server , with a lot of Critical and Major status ,

i have a lot of these issue and already told my customer we have issue with Hardware resources , can anyone confirm if we have the attached information from NNM System info , what are the sufficient W to support them ,


what is recommended HW for all the above hence we have 80 users with same UserID can login @ the same time on NNM and there is integration woth OML with the Conditions of Critical and Rootcause incidents ,


Status: Critical
Last Updated: 2/28/13 4:06 PM

[Critical]  The system has spent 64.06% of total uptime in the 'PS MarkSweep' collector [Critical

The memory region 'PS Old Gen' is at 99.62% usage.

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