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Re: HP NNM Critical Status

Hello Mostafa



 You should go an  check how many  objects  are monitored by NNMi.


1-Check the system information.




2-Check the monitored intefaces.



3-Please check the support matrix with this data an refer for the  interface polled  section.








Please remember the requested  RAM memory is just for NNMi you shoul add further for the operating system and 1-4 for the postgrest data base.




Regarding the critical status you can try to do the following:




1- Stop the ovjboss process

ovstop ovjboss

2-Rename/Move the directory  to another location.


$NNM_JBOSS/server/nms/data/tx-object-store   (Unix)

%NNM_JBOSS%/server/nms/data/tx-object-store  (Windows)


  Restart ovjboss process

3-   ovstart ovjboss

4-Confirm that all the sub-processes of ovjboss have been started

ovstatus –v ovjboss



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