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Re: Monitoring the traps sent from NNMi

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Regarding the Storage Devices , i suppose they are sending TRAPS to NNM i server ,


there are points need to clear here !

** IS there any Traps loaded and Enabled for these Specific Devices , with the related MIB Files  !!

** IS there any Customized Actions configured for the Traps and Events to run if the incidents occurs !! "Example Mail Notifications !!


## For Troubleshooting the Traps in the NNM TRAP Store , if they are received or NOT >>


Run the Following Command , 


nnmtrapdump.ovpl  -source xxxxxxxxxxx  > /tmp/trapdump.txt


Hence the xxxxxxxxxx  is the node ip address of the concerned Device 


For realtime monitoring of the Realtime Traps received in NNM trap store run the Following Command 


nnmtrapdump.ovpl  -t -source xxxxxxxxxxx 


For reviewing any actions activities , please review the logs from 


Tools >> Incident Action Logs 


let us know what is the scenario you are facing !


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