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Performance for Metrics iSPI, ETL Services not starting

We had a power outage and the NNMi/PerfSPI server was shutdown improperly, we booted the server up after power came online and then stopped all of the services and shutdown the server until power was more stable.  Now we have the server back up and running yet our Performance for Metrics SPI is not functioning properly now. 


It says ETL services are RUNNING but right below that things like :


Component_Heath is listed as NOT OK ... and this goes for everything listed there.  I can't post the logs here because of the environment.


I have tried everything to try and fix this issue, and nothing seems to work.  Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  We are on version 9.20 of both NNMi and PerfSPI.


Just to clear this out of the way, we have done stopALL.ovpl and startALL.ovpl.  The checkconfig.ovpl came back normal and the dbsize.ovpl is normal as well.  Ran resetSPI.ovpl with option 4 and to no avail. 


I've used this product before in a different environment and have never run into the issues I'm seeing here.