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Re: Performance for Metrics iSPI, ETL Services not starting

I checked all of these logs very thoroughly and did not find any errors that would relate to the Performance for Metrics iSPI, only small errors like unable to parse traps, etc.

This is what I see for the iSPI when I run a statusALL.ovpl :


HP NNM iSPI Performance BI Service is running.
HP NNM iSPI Performance Database and DB SQL Rewrite Proxy processes are running..
HP NNM iSPI Performance ETL Service is running.
NOT OK - PerfSPI_Diagnostics (Last Heartbeat was 2715 minutes ago)
NOT OK - Component_Health (Last Heartbeat was 2716 minutes ago)
NOT OK - Interface_Health (Last Heartbeat was 3042 minutes ago)
NOT OK - FrameRelayPvc_Health (Last Heartbeat was 2716 minutes ago)
NOT OK - AtmPvc_Health (Last Heartbeat was 2716 minutes ago).
HP NNM iSPI Performance Services all running OK.