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Re: HPNNMPerfSPI Finalize action warning

Abhishek_ wrote:

Manually starting autofs means through initializeNPS.ovpl right, is there any other step if yes please suggest.


No, I mean manually starting the autofs service, outside of anything to do with NPS. Check to see if autofs is set to auto-start (use chkconfig), and start it with "service autofs start". See if it starts up properly, and if it doesn't, look around at your logs to see if you can figure out why.


Then try actually using the autofs service, by running "ls /net/<NNMi_Server_FQDN>/", and see if automount is working properly.


I'm wondering a bit why you're having so many problems with the NPS though - have you double-checked that all pre-requisite packages are installed, all config is OK, no disk space issues, etc?