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Re: nnmhadisk.ovpl NNM error

Hi Abhishek


First of all, the HA cluster must have been setup by your RHCS admin, that includes the basic setup to include 2 or more cluster members, fencing devices etc.


Once the basic HA cluster setup has been done, the RHCS admin must start at least these services (refer to your RHCS admin for more information).

- cluster

- ricci

- rgmanager

- modclusterd


The nnmhaconfigure.ovpl script takes your input and will add the resources to create the NNMi resource group, it then adds that information to the exising cluster.conf file and then runs the command "cman_tool version -r"


This command will connect to the running cluster services and cause it to distribute the change to the other cluster member(s). Again, see your RHCS admin for more details on the cman_tool command.




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