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Re: NNMi's monitored inventory list..and what SPI's are installed

Hello Sekar,


You can use nnmtopodump.ovpl command which basically displays the contents of the NNMi topology database, for instance:

nnmtopodump.ovpl -u username -p password -legacy long -type node

To display the nodes in text format, you must use the legacy option. When you use the legacy option
with -type node, NNMi displays the nodes and their interfaces.


For your second question, you can verify that by clickong on Help > System Information > Products


You should see something like this:

 Product Extension Information

HP Network Node Manager iSPI Performance for Metrics Software

HP NNM iSPI Software Deployed

Device Extension Utility Classes PerfSPI_Metrics  

Device Extension Utility Classes PerfSPI_NPS  

Device Extension Utility Classes PerfSPI_QA  

Device Extension Utility Classes PerfSPI_Traffic  


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