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SSL Integration with Windows ADS/LDAP
Have a task at hand is to integrate a linux media wiki server into a ADS/LDAP environment.

The copius but incomplete wiki documentation requires an SSL certificate that is compatible with the Windows Server 2003 Server in order to properly integrate.

I used this script code to generate a certificate:

touch certindex.txt
touch index.txt
openssl req -new -x509 -keyout private/cakey.pem -out cacert.pem -days 3650 -config /etc/openssl.cnf
openssl req -new -nodes -out ${1}-req.pem -keyout private/${1}-key.pem -config /etc/openssl.cnf
openssl ca -out ${1}-cert.pem -config /etc/openssl.cnf -infiles ${1}-req.pem


cp $keyf /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.key/
cp $certf /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/

I took the key and crt file and submitted it to Windows Systems Administration. I got back encrypted binary files that look somewhat like what I submitted. One appears to resemble the server.key file the other the crt file.

For security reasons I can't submit the files here.

What I don't have is an integration procedure with the windows. I honestly don't know if this is a windows thread or a Linux thread. I'm hoping that some Linux admin has done this and knows the next step.

I tried substituting the windows files for the files I generated and the ssl.conf configuration would not start.

So how do I integrate these nice windows certificate files so my media wiki server will happily integrate. There is nothing on this in the media wiki database.

I am need somethine fairly specific, so take your time and hold my hand. I will not be as generous as normal for vague suggestions. If you think this should be posted to Windows, please justify the position and I'll post something there. I'm betting the Linux admins are going to do a great job here.

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