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Re: Discover the HP-UX Gems

kcmestre wrote:

Hello, I work at HP.  Glad  that you went and took a look.  What is your favorite HP-UX Gem?  Is it something we didn't feature?


Today I noticed the gems section and with the hopes of finding forum favorites. Alas, found only HP contributed (mostly promotional) content. Yes it is good to have some white papers and video content, but all in all, we are all busy sysadmins and h=who actually has time to sit down and watch a 10-15 minutes long video in it entirety during a work day, without being interrupted ? On the other hand, I still wish there is a way to find those itrc threads which were voted user favorites before the exodus from old ITRC. Maybe you can include those threads (links to them that is) on the GEMS page.

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