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Re: Discover the HP-UX Gems
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This is exactly the thread I am looking for but up until this time, I was not even aware of the existence of such thread. Since the transformation, I am sad to say, my visits to forums, has diminished 10-fold if not worse. And the much needed and touted to be better search facility on forums is performing no better than the old and useless ITRL search. Under the circumstances, how a new comer to this forum, expected to find what he/she is looking for.  It might be a good idea to provide direct links to widely sought after old threads on the HPUX gems page, in addition to the HP supplied content, would be beneficial in my opinion. Of course if the sole purpose of that page is to serve as an advertising for HPUX, I can not say anything to that.


Thanks for the link by the way.



Dennis Handly wrote:

>found only HP contributed content.


I'm not sure what else you expected?


>I still wish there is a way to find those ITRC threads which were voted user favorites before the exodus from old ITRC.


Are you talking about this thread?  I see Kevin_Paul has corrected a few URLs there:


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