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Re: If I were king of HP, or at least BCS

I wasnt replying to an old post, i think. 2 weeks before someone replied..

the forum's front page didnt give good sorting methods...(sorting thru latest reply, sorting thru number of views, number of kudoes, etc etc...) so, i choose the 3 option - top kudoed post and got this post and remembered the recent video i have seen on youtube about redhat.




posting it for a healthy discussion(of hpux vs redhat)..nothing else... if anything wrong with this one, please let me know... thanks....


Looking for a healthy discussion of hpux vs redhat - particularly, because, just this month i was checking about HP's Vertica Database. I was expecting it to be running on HPUX, but, nope. its not running on hpux, but on RedHat.