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FTPing Files on an HP 3000 HP MPE/IX 6.0 box to a Windows 2003 Server
We have a HP3000 legacy box that I need to transfer files from to our Windows 2003 server. I can transfer using BINARY. The problem I run into are files that are of type "FAK" which appear to be indexed files. Forgive me, but I am by no means an expert on HP OS or Unix, so if I state an assumption incorrectly, please feel free to set me straight.

This is an HP3000 box running HP ARPA File Transfer . Here is the commands I am using.
OPEN 999.999.999.999
BINARY --- set to a binary file transfer
PROMPT ----off
MPUT @ ----send all files to destination

So, here is what happens. What appears to be program files are moved over, but database files are left behind.

I tried using MPUT for a file that did not transfer VENDMASL. I get an error FTPERR 13 which says check the other error message. There is no other error message. I think this could be a permissions error, but I am not sure.

The file does not transfer. When I do a LISTF VEND@,2 the file shows as a type FAK. This seems to be the common thread on the files that do not get moved over.
I changed from BINARY to ASCII, tried the MPUT VEND@ again with the same result.

Thinking it might be a lock condition, I made sure everyone was logged off. Tried the command again, got the same result.

How do I get these files to FTP over to the Windows server 2003?

If I have left some information out, please let me know what I can provide, and maybe how to get it for you (remember I am a novice on this OS).

After I get this working, I am trying to create a script or bat file to schedule it for a nightly run. I have the script for that but I think its problem is the login portion. However, if it doesn't copy the whole set of files, I can't use it anyway. The manuals have been helpful, but of course, they assume a basic understanding of the platform. I'm sure someone out there would be able to identify the coding errors on sight. I'll post the script for review if I can get the ftp to work for all files.
Thank you in advance for your help.