u can use rx2800 i2 server like a new applciation server, about comparaison u can use this site :



about rx6600 its entry level server for integrity plateform, rp7410 is mid-Range server on PA-RISC plateform.

So, now we have two case:

1- two different plateform -PA-RISC and Itanium ( need to verify if ur applcation binary code is compatible with Itanium compiled code)

2-Verify if ur server configuration can be atteigned on the new server ( if there's nPar configuration , vPar or HPVM)

also verify the compatiblity of application with new HPUX version that u will use it on your new server.

Contacting HP Support is the best answer , else u have to make a plan for that just to be sure that you wiil not loose any data .

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