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Re: 9.1GB MO disk, "write CAL error" (4, 40, 9D), please help

Thanks for your reply. We can access the devices through several UNIX systems, and this specific test was done on AIX. We have some utilities to access the device1 SCSI request at a time, so, everything can be done on SCSI command block level. The problem did happen to 1 new 9.1GB blank disk once, but, that was about it. All 2.6GB, 5.2GB, and 9.1GB disks we tested can be accessed fine in those devices of ours. The devices we are using to read the 2 bad 9.1GB disks are not the drives that wrote them in the first place, those drives and disks are from one of our customers. I'll relay your suggestions to our customer and see if they need to have their drives cleaned. Thanks gain.