EVA 5000 to 6400 migration strategy
good morning
I must make a migration of EVA 5000 to EVA 6400 in my office and I wanted to certify with the community if the steps that I have planned are the correct ones or some thing forgets to me.

1º Upgrade the levels of firmware of EVA 5000, HBA and switches.
Question: Do I must to update the software of Multipath?
2º Update the View Command version
3º Configuration of 6400 EVA
4º Installation continuous Access for the migration of the data.
5º Creation the zones in switches EVA5000 with 64000 EVA
6º Configuration the replica between the cabins LUNs
7º Creation of the new zones for EVA 6400 with host
8º When one is finalized the synchronization of the LUN to cut it and to assign the new disc to the servants.

Please acceptance all type of commentaries and suggestions.
(Excuse me, my English isn't very good)