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Re: EVA 5000 to 6400 migration strategy
What clients are served by the EVA5000 currently that you need to move to the EVA6400? This is the most important first step in planning as your EVA5000 is likely a VCS 3.0.28 one - right?

However, if your EVA5000 is already at the ALUA capable VCS 4.X -- then there is no need to upgradethe firmware. ANd there will be no need to update your OS multipath schemes.

Continous Access would be BEST IF CA between a EVA5000 and EVA6400 is supported.

However, if you do not own CA and is planning to buy the license just for migration purpose -- then it coudld be a waste of money... You can use host-based mirroring techniques just as fine and without even incurring downtime.

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