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MSA2312fc G2 and MSA70



We currently have an MSA2312fc G2 and are looking at adding additional storage via a MSA70.  The MSA2312fc has dual controllers and the MSA70 will have dual I/O modules.  Is it possible to connect the MSA70 without powering down the MSA2312?  Here is the procedure that I think would work but please correct me if I am wrong:


1.  Shutdown controller B on 2312.

2.  Connect I/O module 2 on MSA70 to controller B.

3.  Power on MSA70.

4.  Power on controller B on 2312 after MSA70 has fully powered on and initialized.

5.  Power down controller A on 2312.

6.  Connect I/O module 1 on MSA70 to controller A.

7.  Power on controller A.


I would like to be able to add the MSA70 with no downtime if possible.


Thank you in advance,


Jeff Michels