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Tape Library 20/700 Network Config and Web acess

I am trying to configure a Tape Library 20/700 for our backup jobs. I have 2 SCSI bridge 4/2 as well.

When I tried to assign IP address to the tape library, it works fine. But the Gateway Address gets lost as soon as I reset the library. It is not saving Gateway IP details.

Also I can ping the library(i have assigned IP and connected the ENET interface to out network). But while trying to access it is not giving me any pages. I believe web services are not running in this box. But as per documention- Web-based library administration services comes by default in this series and we do not need to put RMC.

The detail of the tape library is:

HP A5597A
COde Ver 1.65.00
Built On: Dec 6 1999 09:51:11
Hardware Ver: MPC 02200483

Can anyone help me out. DO I need to upgrade anything?

Thanks for your enlightment.