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Re: New LTO5 on MSL4048

Hi Jmunoz,


Answering your questions in line


1.- It is possible to install a new drive LTO5 on my library MSL4048? -- yes you can add LTO 5 drives into your existing MSL 4048 library provided you have empty bays available. MSL 4048 library can take 2 Full Height tape drives or 4 Half Height Tape drives

2.- Can LTO4 and LTO5 drives work together on MSL4048? -- yes. They can work in the same library and for better management, you can partition the MSL 4048 into seperate partitions to differentiate the LTO 4 and LTO 5 drives. More information regarding the Partitioning can be found in MSL 4048 user guide page 19 available for download at 

3.- Can LTO5 drive read and write on my LTO4 tapes? -- yes one step backward read & write compatability is there for every LTO drive 

5.- Is my HP Data Protector 6.2 compatible with LTO5? -- yes

4.- What is the price for a brand new LTO5 drive? -- You will get a good price if you can check with your local sales contact or the local reseller depending on the country you are from !!



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