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LTO6 and ATS / Data Rate Matching

Good Day


I'm in an project where we want to replace our nearly 6 Years old LTO4 MSL4048 Library with a new one with LTO6 Tape Drives.


Some Years ago i had a discussion with a guy from the hp labs about the Data Rate Matching for LTO4 which is from 40-120MB/s (depending on LTO4 Drive). He told me then, it is not critical to go under those 40MB/s... Lto could handle speeds well even if they are under 10MB/s. In the last several years i never had problems with lto4 tapes and lower speed  for example under 10 or 20 MB/s. It does result in a slower backup but never had problems with tapes or drives...


how about LTO6, is there really a need to run  D2D2T Backup design? I've seen that the Data Rate from LTO6 starts from 54MB/s. Has anyone experience about that with lto6.