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Re: Ignite error when trying to net install

The workaround for this problem depends on if you are using
make_tape_recovery or make_net_recovery.

If you are using make_tape_recovery first run make_tape_recovery in
preview mode with the -p option (and all of the options you would
normally use):

# make_tape_recovery -p ...
# cd /var/opt/ignite/recovery/latest

Edit the system_cfg file and remove any lines that look like:


In the logical volume definitions (the text in the [] shown above
as ??? will be a hardware path or variable name, e.g. _hp_root_disk).

Continue the creation of the recovery tape by running the same
make_tape_recovery command except use the -r option instead of the -p
option (to resume the creation of the recovery tape that was just

When using make_net_recovery you can edit the system_cfg file of the
network recovery image you are attempting to recover to remove the disk
[???] entries in the logical volume definitions as indicated above.

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