Regular Advisor
Error whe installing from depot
This depot had been used to install successfully until yesterday. Files were deleted from the server in the /var & /opt directories. Even though the files have been restored I know get this error.

* Reading Target System's Installed Product Database (IPD)
* Target IPD: S0065240
* Reading Source Depot(s)
* Source depot:
ERROR: An error was encountered while attempting to access the catalog of the
Software Distributor location
"". The underlying
swlist command failed.
"": You
do not have the required permissions to select this target.
Check permissions using the "swacl" command or see your system
administrator for assistance. Or, to manage applications
designed and packaged for nonprivileged mode, see the
"run_as_superuser" option in the "sd" man page.
- More information may be found in the daemon logfile
on this target (default location is
* Reading Source Depot(s) failed with 1 error.

======= 05/06/11 20:55:32 UTC END Software Install failed with 1 error.
(user=root) (jobid=000006)

ERROR: No software was installed (no installed product database was created).
ERROR: Software load had one or more errors.

======= 05/06/11 20:55:32 UTC The operating system software has not been
successfully loaded. The swm install(1M) application was not completed
or failed to load some key files. (exit status was = 1).

1: Change the install server and/or depot information.
2: Retry software load process (non-interactive mode).
3: Retry software load process (interactive mode).
4: Run a shell.