Frequent Advisor
Not able to boot the PA-RISC server through Ignite.

PA-RISC Server is B.11.11

Ignite Server is B.11.11 U 9000/800.

Both are on the same subnet

When i tried to boot from ignite server through BCH menu

Main Menu: Enter command or menu >boot lan.<ignite server ip> install


ERROR: No bootable LAN device found in the default location: 10/0/0/1/0

       Use search to find bootable LAN devices.


Main Menu: Enter command or menu > sea lan


ERROR: Unknown device


Search Table has been cleared


Main Menu: Enter command or menu > sea lan install


ERROR: Unknown device


Search Table has been cleared


From the PA-RISC Server

root@DR-unknown# lanscan

Hardware Station        Crd  Hdw   Net-Interface    NM   MAC       HP-DLPI DLPI

Path     Address        In#  State NamePPA          ID   Type      Support Mjr#

10/0/2/1/0/6/0 0x001708D1D1DD 0    UP    lan0 snap0       1    ETHER       Yes   119

10/0/5/1/0/6/0 0x001708D1D1CD 2    UP    lan2 snap2       2    ETHER       Yes   119

10/0/10/1/0/6/0 0xD8D3858C9EBA 4    UP    lan4 snap4       3    ETHER       Yes   119

10/0/10/1/0/6/1 0xD8D3858C9EBB 5    UP    lan5 snap5       4    ETHER       Yes   119

10/0/12/1/0/6/0 0xD8D3858CBECC 6    UP    lan6 snap6       5    ETHER       Yes   119

10/0/12/1/0/6/1 0xD8D3858CBECD 7    UP    lan7 snap7       6    ETHER       Yes   119

10/0/4/1/0 0x0018FE2D0E26 1    UP    lan1 snap1       7    ETHER       Yes   119

10/0/9/1/0 0x0018FE2D0F33 3    UP    lan3 snap3       8    ETHER       Yes   119


Lan 2 is where Cable is attached and is in working state.


Main Menu: Enter command or menu > boot 10/0/5/1/0/6/0 install

  BCH Directed LAN Path: 10/0/5/1/0/6/

Do you wish to stop at the ISL prompt prior to booting? (y/n) >> n

Initializing boot Device.

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) Revision 3

Boot Path Initialized.


Failed I/O operation with


Status = -3


Any Help on this. what i am missing