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Re: Ignite Version C.7.16.283 - Will Not Backup A Version 2.1 Volume Group...?

Ignite is one of those products that you put on at least a yearly update. If you have at least a C.7 version installed already, the newer version will properly replace the old once. Anything older, it is recommended to swremove the Ignite product and install the latest version. Note that existing archives and settings are not changed.


Ignite is very dependent on hardware (I/O, processors, disks, tape drives, internal controllers) as well as LVM and VxVM features. So unless you change nothing (ie, patches, I/O cards, peripherals), Ignite should allways be up to date.


An overlooked option in the make_net_recovery command is the -u to update the client to match the version on the Ignite server.


Also check the main Ignite website at: http://hp.com/go/ignite-ux