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Re: cmviewcl -v i am seeing that package state is down and UNOWNED_PACKAGES

According to syslog, the most specific log file in this case would be:


Is that the "cluster log file.txt" you attached?


The script /u01/app/oracle/home/re10.1.4/scripts/startstop_sgdb.ksh would seem to have a problem. It apparently produced these error messages:

/u01/app/oracle/home/re10.1.4/scripts/startstop_sgdb.ksh[28]: test: argument expected
/u01/app/oracle/home/re10.1.4/scripts/startstop_sgdb.ksh[48]: test: argument expected

My first guess would be that the script requires some variable values that are not getting initialized properly for some reason.


The last two errors include a line number, so you should look at what is supposed to happen on lines 28 and 48 of startstop_sgdb.ksh.
On those lines, there is probably a literal "test" command or a "[ ... ]" block that probably includes some variables. Make sure that those variable names are correctly spelled (in case of variables provided by Serviceguard) or that the variable values have been initialized with appropriate values at some earlier point of the script (if they are created and used by this script only).