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Re: Is it me or is HP support really bad now?
Well I guess I'm setting myself up to be shot down, but the reality is we get the support we deserve...

10 years ago, when we bought a 'critical' system we were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds/shekels/'insert your currency here' on the tin, and we didn't think much of spending up to 20% of the value of the tin on support contracts. 20% of a $1M tin purchase paid the salary of at least one head to support that system!

Now we are in the land of 'commodity IT' - this is where IT analysts, industry experts and yes, the vendors too have been pushing us - now that critical system might only cost us $0.1M, and guess what - 20% of *that* figure don't pay much of anyones salary, whether they're in Palo Alto, Houston, New York, London, or even Bangalore...

Result? Poorer levels of support except for those who can afford critical support contracts. I work with many vendors, particularly the 'big three' of HP, Sun and IBM, and I see quality slipping in all three. If we want commodity IT, we should expect commodity IT support.

Hopefully some day soon, people will remember that IT is an engineering discipline where quality is key rather than price. Maybe then things might change for the better again.

Yours pessimistically (sic?)