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Re: Is it me or is HP support really bad now?

I hope your issues are sorted out by now!!

Any way, I would like to put my experience with HP support.
01. Most of them are nice, but i have come across with people with bad manners and short tempered!!!! They don't want to listen to your issue, and try baby sitting!!!

02. Few times, the solution which HP's support people gave was a blunder, and it would have stopped the whole of our operations. When they gave the solution, i told them it is not going to work for us and it will impact the business. But, HP person was so sure, and he was forcing me to implement the change what he told. Then, i asked him to verify what he says with another HP person or with his manager and get back to me. What i received after 2 days was a single line apology mail!!

03. They take long...long ...hrs to solve the issue. They will ask for some log, you sent them and wait for 1 or more days. No effect you keep telling that the issue is serious, we need a solution or workaround.

04. Few times, when we had serious issue, we asked for a call back and till today no one called us!!!!

Anyway, as a result, we built up our knowledge and shared it with in the organization. Now we terminated HP support for some of the products(the list includes one of the most critical application we use). We save money, and most important point is, the issues are resolved with in a limited period.

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