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EVA4000 "bad image" error updating to XCS 6.220
Anyone ever expierence a "bad image" error while thying to update an EVA4000 /EVA6000? We experienced this when trying to upgrade from 6.110 to 6.220. Had the same error trying to update to 6.200.
We tried update files that I downloaded directly from HP and the files the local FE had with him.(thinking we may had a corrupt file)- same problem.
Our last try was a few months ago. We are scheduleing another attempt in a couple of weeks. HP support suggested rebooting both HSV controllers before we attempt another upgrade.
We are using Command View 8.00.2.
Just to download another copy of 6.220 today and the hp website was unable to process the order.
Just looking for any advice before our next attempt...

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Re: EVA4000 "bad image" error updating to XCS 6.220
A corrupted download could be the problem, but you need to make sure you are using the HSV 200 software, not HSV210.

Hope this helps!

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Re: EVA4000 "bad image" error updating to XCS 6.220
If I remember correctly, we were using the hsv200.sss file.