HPE Expert
Re: "Cannot open exchanger control device" error

On the system ' mydomain.com', from the command prompt, run


ioscan -fn


and look for 'autoch', similiar to this:


autoch       0  0/0/1/0.4.1     schgr     CLAIMED     DEVICE       HP      1x8 G2 AUTOLDR



The ' /dev/rac/c0t4d1' is the device address of the robotics (yours will be different than this example), this has to match how your Exchange Control Device is configured.  If you do not see 'autoch', or, if it says NO_HW then the Operating system does not see the device,   so DP has nothing to use


If you do see it, and it shows as CLAIMED, make a note of the device file


At the command prompt of the HPUX media agent, run the command


          /opt/omni/lbin/devbra -dev


which gives you a list of all SCSI-attached and SAN=attached devices, and in the group where 'Exch' is specified, verify the device address for the robotics


In the GUI, go to Devices and Media, click the |+| sign next to Devices, the |+| sign next to your Library "HP:1x8 G2 AUTOLDR_lewsd1", and get Properties for the Library.  Go to the Control tab, in the filed for the device file, you should see /dev/rchgr/autoch2.  If this does not match what you saw in the output from 'ioscan', you can either type in teh correct path for the device file, or click the down-arrow (which runs a 'devbra -dev' in the background), and pick the device file with the green check mark