HPE Expert
Re: DP 8.1 LDAP Configuration

The 'standalone.xml' file is supposed to be created in the folder


    Program Data -> Omniback -> Config -> Server -> AppServer


of the jboss application server, which, if I read the documentation correctly, is also the Cell Manager.  Just to be thorough, please check this folder, and make sure that the file is not there.  If you do find it, I'll send more Trouble-shooting steps, because Trouble-shooting involves editing the 'standalone.xml' file


Did you get any errors in the Application Eent log on the cell manager that correspond to this error?


What happens, when you see the message "Press any key to continue . . ." and you press any key?


I found nothing for any lab cases that may have reported this problem, so, if the file 'standalone.xml' file does not exist, you will need to open a case with the Response Center