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Re: DL360 G5 not not getting out of post. Fans 100% and no video

Minimal memory configuration are identical DIMM's(a pair) on position 1A and 3A. The next will be 5B and 7B. (and so on).4GB Memory must be: PC2-5300 (SPN416473-001 OR 398708-061(or-861))

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Reading out Port84/85:


In Your case: 0100.0000 = 4X

According to HP Proliant ServersTroubleshooting Guide: (Port 85 and ILO Messages)

3X=Processor Related problem

4X=Memory Related problem

6X=Expansion Related Problem

00,01 and 5X are various

(In a normal working DL360G5: 0101.0001 = 51)

So, probably a memory related problem. (mis configuration?)


I've checked it with mine DL360G5.

Powered Off, but mains connected: bit 7(MSB) and bit 6 are jumping on and off

Powered ON: several LED are jumping ON and OFF

When idle: 51 appears.

All DIMM's out: 40 appears (your case)

Only a DIMM in 1A: 51 appears, but <system halted> on monitor