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Re: ProLiant DL380 G7 iLo2

No he's not confused, just badly written.


The issue is the same I am having, I have a G7 model, and for some stupid reason the major Australian HP Distributor are not able to supply a ILO license key (paid for), waiting for stock. Wonder how long it takes to manufacture a key...???


So in the interim, I thought it would quick to install a trial key, so went to the HP ILO 3 webpage, clicked the correct links for the trial.


It provides a document with the trial licence key like so


Integrated Lights-Out Advanced - Evaluation License


License key: 3323L-4434X-X232C-23426-8W233 (its not the one I have...doctored for posting)

Number of licenses: 10

Duration: 60 days


NOTE:  Integrated Lights-Out (iLO 2) Advanced software is pre-installed on ProLiant 300 & 500 series servers and advanced features are activated with the above license key.


So what the original poster should have said, is that he tried the License key and it came back as Invalid, and the last sentence in the document is what he hung his hat on, thinking that he has been provided a ILO 2 license. And to be fair to the original poster, with no other versioning numbers on the document, reading that line, you would assume that it was a iLO 2 license....


Poorly thought out and executed by HP. Produce a well engineered product, but fail on the "extras".