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Re: On ia64 hp Integrity BL860c i4 blade I can not see second internal disk

If you change the way you use your disks a side-effect of this, other than completely wiping out your OS, is that you will NO LONGER have the protection of your disks being mirrored.  


As your system is configured now, if one of the disks were to fail your system would still function.  All you would have to do is replace the disk and rebuild the mirror (which may be automatic) and you would be protected again.


If you change your configuration so that you have the 2 disks seen separately by the OS, and have HP-UX installed on one, then that is a single point of failure.  If that disk fails, then your system WILL crash.  It will not matter if you use the 2nd disk as a DRD backup, your system will crash if the primary/only OS disk fails.


I would urge you to consider an alternative to changing your raid configuration.  If you really want an additional disk, to use DRD or for whatever purpose, purchase a 3rd disk to put into the system.  Then use that disk for whatever purpose you choose.  That way you will still have your OS on a set of mirrored disks and have the protection from hardware failure that gives you.