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Re: ftp problem - conversion file names

>>> the file is downloaded with the name "file_seq.txt".


It's not obvious whether this is ODS-2 or already ODS-5. If the filename really is in lowercase, it is already ODS-5, otherwise it would be "FILE_SEQ.TXT". But, maybe the poster only wanted to say that the first dot was converted to an underscore. But who knows what he wanted to say. If it is already ODS-5 then the FTP client converts. Then there should be some documentation on the FTP client what to set/enable to leave the dots in the filename.




I don't think that this is required, but it doesn't hurt, either.


>>> filename might then become "file^.seq.txt"


 No. The filename will be "file.seq.txt" it might be displayed differently, with the escape character '^', but that is only for displaying the filename. In this case the '^' isn't even necessary to access the file. (But if you want to use the displayed filename with the escape character you need to have extended parsing enabled.)