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Re: Online upgrade from HP-UX11.11 to HP-UX11.23

I would agree with Steven. Upgrade/UX should only be used as a very last resort.

Doing an upgrade will take a lot of preperation. Firstly make sure that all your hardware is supported on 11.23. Some SCSI devices are no longer supported. Some older ethernet adaptors and consoles as well. You will need to check and update firmware revisions on your servers, including any HBA's on your system. In fact you will need to check firmware on your entire SAN infrastructure and any tape libraries attached too.

Secondly make sure your filesystems are compatible. The Base JFS versions differ between v11.11 and v11.23. Make sure your data filesystems are not mounted until the very end as they may be converted and you may not be able to roll back without breaking something.

Thirdly make sure you have enough diskspace on your boot disks. You will need lots.

Make sure you have all the required patches available especially the C header files and the linker (ld). I would recommend you create a depot on disk on the server with all of this including the installer files and latest quality packs - loading from DVD or CD will take twice to three times as long. Remember to include java in your list of new software to load.

Do a complete audit of all software on your system to make sure its certified under 11.23.

Also check your kernel parameters, make sure there are no formulas in them, what can happen is that some formulas may be dependant on kernel parameters that have now been obsoleted or changed. Disk cache is one instance of kernel parameters that have changed between versions.

Lastly you will need to relink your Oracle DBMS when complete.

A warning: I have never ever had an upgrade using Update/UX work first time round. To make matters worse I have only once ever had it work on the second time round. Anticipate problems and having to roll back. Also do not underestimate how long running Update-UX actually takes, its not that quick especially on older hardware.

I would not recommend this route.


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