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Re: Need to know about CAE Satellite communication

You'll find answers for these questions in the product manuals. Understanding Client Operations profile and Satellite Management topics would help you understand how Agent->Satellite->Core communication works. I'll provide some brief answers in-line: actually the patches deploying through Satellite server?

HPCA Agent contacts Core or one of the Satellite servers based on SAP.EDM object. This object stores list of all servers available for the target machine. Each server is assigned a priority, ROLE, TYPE and other attributes. HPCA Agent uses this information to decide which Satellite server to contact for a specific operation.


2.How the Satellite server performing the Load balancing?

Once you have installed Core and Satellites and appropriately configured Client Operations profile, HPCA Agent performs COP resolution by specifying cop=y on radskman command line and downloads SAP.EDM. Using SAP.EDM HPCA Agents perform load balancing.


3.If the patches is deploying through satellite then where exactly the log files will create for those patches?

Since HPCA Agent processes the patches, the log files are generated in the Agent log directory. You may inspect connect.log to investigate what steps HPCA Agent performed, which server it downloaded data from and so on.


You'll also get multiple reports in Core console to help you understand what machines successfully installed patches and those that didn't.