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Re: Delete the Package from CSDB, will it uninstall the package on clients?


if you want to keep the applications unmanaged on the target machine after the policy and application removal at server side - try 'REMOVAL' parameter:


REMOVAL  This attribute controls how the application is managed when a service is
>  REMOVAL=A (Abandon) will delete the service’s objects on the HPCA
agent, but leave its components. The service will no longer be
managed by HPCA. 
> REMOVAL=D (Delete) will delete the service’s objects and components.
The service will still be managed by HPCA.
⎯  This is the default. 
>  REMOVAL=U (Unmanage) will stop management of the service by
HPCA. Neither the objects nor the components will be deleted. This
applies only to optional applicatons (ZVSCMO=O) that are removed
based on entitlement policy.