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Re: Interactions Autoclose after 72 hours in resolved status

well, we've got over 6 million incidents, and so far, we haven't seen a performance hit on the queries we're running against the incidents table for records that are open - idle past a certain point.


But, like I said, if you don't want to use that kind of query, set up alert processing. The issue isn't the Process that closes Interactions - that process only gets called when the SD is closing. What you want is to set up something so that the system will automatically run that process after X number of hours has passed.


If you modify the close Process, that won't help you achieve your objective, because that process will only get called when your record is closing.


Alerts, however, can be evaluated when the record saves - however the record saves. That adds a schedule record to the schedule table to run the processes defined in the alert after the expiration of the alert.


So you could create an alert record that runs when the record is resolved to add a schedule record with an expiration of 3 days out. When the operator resolves the Interaction record, the system creates your schedule record, and, in 3 days, when the schedule time has expired, that schedule record processes and performs the actions defined in the alert. No need to re-invent the wheel to do something the system is already designed to do.