CI File Import that creates an activity record



Whenever the user adds a new CI, a new history/activity record is created.  The creation of the history/activity is called by a Process where the sc.activity is executed.  It even displays a message so that you'll know that the Process was executed.


I created a file import for a CI.  I added a trigger (After Update) where I call this Process so that a history/activity record will be created.  It is even displaying the message during file import so I know that the Process is being called.


But no history/activity record is ever created.


I even displayed the value of $L.file and $ and they all have contents.  I even compared its value when doing a manual entry.  Everything is the same.


But I am stumped that the activity record is not created during file import.  Search forums but can't find anything useful.


Would really appreciate any ideas/thoughts on this one.