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Change views not working after upgrading from SM 9.30 to SM 9.31

Hi.  We have a weird issue happening.  After we upgraded our SM 9.30 region to SM 9.31, we found some strange behaviour occurring in then Change module while testing.  For all users (except SysAdmins), the system is giving: Invalid syntax for query.  Failed parsing (scm.advanced,get.records.1) for every view.  The system appears to be adding "and ()" at the end of every query that is run by a view.  Why would the system do this, and where can we go to fix this?


We posted a ticket to HP and they requested a trace.  That was two weeks ago.  They do not have any updates for us yet.  Granted they are busy, but we need to get this fixed so we can meet our own upgrade target dates.