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8 GB SFP+ in 4 GB fibre-channel pass-thru module supported?

Dear collegues,

I got a C7000 which includes two 16 port 4 GB fibre-channel pass-thru modules (403626-B21). I'm sure that this interconnect modules came with 8 GB SFP+ modules, but I can't find any hint what types of SFP+ modules are supported in this module.


I can't get a working link with two Brocade 300 switches (DELL OEM). The switches report "no sync" on the connected ports. Even if I set both sides to 4 GB or 8 GB the link isn't getting a sync. A test basis inserted HP 4/16 FC switch with 4 GB SFPs got a 4 G link. I changed SFPs and cables, but I had no luck. HP support (1st level...) in Sofia is telling me that this isn't supported. I'm really sure that the pass-thru module came with 8 GB SFP+ modules, because I didn't ordered additional SFP+ modules and it's fully equiped with 8 GB SFP+ modules...

My question: What type of SFP+ modules are shipped with the 4 GB pass-thru modules and does HP support 8 GB SFP+ modules in the 4 GB pass-thru module?

Thanks for advice!

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