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Re: 8 GB SFP+ in 4 GB fibre-channel pass-thru module supported?

As far as I know, 8Gb SFP's will sync with 2, 4 and 8Gb connections.  Although my experience is with switches, not pass-thru modules which could be very different.


On the switch side did you try to set the speed at 4Gb instead of letting it try to auto-negioate?


Lastly, check to see if firmware on the PassThru module can be updated.   If your OA F/W is current (3.6+) click on Rack Firmware from within the OA and see if the Pass Thru modules have an Available Firmware Version that is higher than the Current.  If so, you need to access the OA CLI and push the update with the 'update device' command.