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Unable to remove HPVM Disk....
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I have these disks:


#hpvmdevinfo -M




However, when i try to remove them, i get:


#hpvmmodify -P server -d disk:avio_stor:0;4;0:disk:/dev/rdisk/disk319
hpvmmodify: More than one device match disk:avio_stor:0:unknown:.
hpvmmodify: Unable to modify the guest.
sh: 4:  not found.
sh: 0:disk:/dev/rdisk/disk319:  not found.



the VM is powered down....

Need to remove the disks and add new ones as we have completed a VPLEX migration.


So, the server is powered down and I am unable to remove the disks to add the new ones.


Any ideas?



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Re: Unable to remove HPVM Disk....

> hpvmmodify -P server -d disk:avio_stor:0;4;0:disk:/dev/rdisk/disk319


Try commas instead of semicolons:


hpvmmodify -P server -d disk:avio_stor:0,4,0:disk:/dev/rdisk/disk319

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Re: Unable to remove HPVM Disk....

That worked!