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Re: vPar storage migration

>> I have a document that describes the PARISC hardware path decoding of each comnent in a fiber device path. Is there such a document for Itanium?


Bill, IIRC in vPars even on Itanium with 11.31, you still have to use legacy hardware paths with the vPars command, so wouldn't the way the component of the fiber path is calculated be the same as on an older PA-RISC system anyway? I presume you know the HW path component that makes up the path down to the FC port, and it's just the part related to the FC target that you need to work out? From what I remember this is based on the FCID of the target storage (which you can get from the switch) and then the LUN number of the target LUN in the storage and the type of addressing used by the target disk array (although I would usually expect it to be volume set addressing?)