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Re: VuGen - save the value of hidden input in HTTP response
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Hi Dmitry,


Thank you for your help. Nevertheless, none of the 2 possibilities you refer are the situation for me:

- I know the server returns the value because I placed a proxy in the middle to check all passing traffic (fiddler 2) and I can see the value I'm looking for there

- as to the placement inside the script, if I understand it correctly, web_reg_save_param should be placed before the action we want it to act on, so in my case, I placed it right before the web_custom_request action; I can see (in the logs) the search getting registered and if I use the option "ORD=ALL" it is able to catch other values on the response that are not in hidden fields


So, do you have any additional tip you can give me? Below you can find the relevant excerpt of the script I'm developing.


Thank you.



   	 "RB=\" />",

web_custom_request("SAML2 request",

 UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I'm using VuGen 9.52 with the following patches:

- HP Vugen SA 9.51 QFE

- HP Vugen SA 9.52 QFE

- Amf and Flex changes for HP Vugen SA 9.50 QFE