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Re: HP BSM 9.13 and HP uCMDB 9.05 integration

Thank you Asaf for your quick answer.


I actually have one more question:


Because we have both BSM RTSM DB and uCMDB and NNMi, NA, DDMA and OMW will send data to uCMDB, should we use population or federation.  I am afraid that population will generate a lot of communication  (and network traffic) between RTSM and uCMDB.


Because uCMDB is the full blown version, it seems logical that NNMi, NA, DDMA and OMW send the information over there, but I am wondering if it should also (or only) send the data to RTSM, or use population/federation.


We (the company) have very long term goal for this software and want to make sure we are doing the implementation the best way possible.