HPE Expert
Re: HP BSM 9.13 and HP uCMDB 9.05 integration
I have few comments:
1) the best practice is to connect OMW and NNMi topology to RTSM and then sync that topology to CMDB. the reason is near-real-time update.
2) sync topology from RTSM to CMDB is the same as CMDB to RTSM, but this means you will need 1 DFP for each server
3) in general, you should have CIs in CMDB only if there is a consumer for them. if nobody is going to use those CIs, then why do you want them in CMDB?
4) dont be affraid from reconciliation. if RTSM/CMDB got CIs from different sources, it will be reconciled and you will have just 1 instance.
5) you should prefer population (at least into the RTSM). if those CIs are going to be used in ServiceHealth/OMi/SLM/etc. then federation will actually cause more overload on the system. federation should be used for "ad-hoc" queries, but if the CI is used all the time then you should populate it into RTSM.

let me know if you need more info.